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  We specialize in Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, Big data, Tableau and Deep Learning Solutions.  

About Us

Value Proposition

We at Scopic Analytics, help you visualize business opportunities in an effective, elegant way. We help deliver new insights to your business   in a way that is meaningful to YOU.
Scopic Analytics specialize in helping our clients with Tableau visualization solutions and integration with Big Data platforms.

Our history

Scopic Analytics is developed by a team of successful entrepreneurs who has started  Software Analysts International, a multi million dollar software consulting services company in 1998.

The Team has provided highly successful solutions to fortune 500 companies across the world in various markets such as ERP solutions, CRM Solutions, Data Warehousing and Analytics. 

Our mission

Business Analytics for Better Decisions

Scopic Analytics has a wealth of experience in delivering solutions that leverage Data Analytics to allow you to visualize your data to get actionable insights to propel your business forward.  Our services will help you make the most of your technology and data investments. Our velocity of delivery in the implementation and development process to visualize opportunities at the speed of business and achieve breakthrough results 

WHat We do

What can we do:

Business consulting (Process design, Business Performance Assessment, Benchmarking, Supply Chain improvement programs)  Modelling & optimization (Business modelling, Simulation, Mathematical optimization, statistical forecasting)  Advanced analytics (Visualization, Data mining, Machine Learning, Forecasting)  Software development (Rapid Prototyping, Agile development)  

Tableau Services

Scopic Analytics provides a targeted set of services to get you on the Tableau fast track and unlock your data. Whether you need to get up to speed quickly, deliver a complex solution, or are struggling with data we can help. Tableau Training and Mentoring Scopic Analytics offers training and mentoring services based on your business and data needs and aimed at improving user performance and skills.  We help you unlock your data and get the most out of your investment in Tableau. Tableau Consulting Services Scopic Analytics has deep experience delivering Tableau solutions that allow you to visualize data like never before.  Our services will help you make the most of your Tableau deployment. Whether through dashboard and visualization development or Tableau Server configuration we speed up the implementation and development process to unlock the power of your data. Tableau Data Services Scopic Analytics delivers a broad suite of data solutions that address issues of data quality, accessibility and usability. Our expertise in data modeling, data mart and data warehouse development, ETL, data cleansing, and data mining is regularly called upon to transform our client's raw data into powerful insights.  With Tableau we unlock the power of your data.

Big Data Analytics

Optimizing operational logistics with Big Data  Customer Profiling and Enhanced CRM with Big Data  Improving Supply Chain Forecasting with Big Data  Fraud Detection  Analyzing Log Data, Detecting Potential Failure Points with Big Data  Big Data beyond Technology  The Analytics Performance Assessment  

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